Friday, August 7, 2009

Stressing a little...

So... why am I stressing? Tomorrow is my cousin's baby shower... and it is in Philly! 3.5hrs away. Starts at 1pm. I need to be there by noon... I have a truckload of things to take, a shirt to iron, extra clothes for kids to pack, gifts to wrap still and load up. Gotto remember the camera. Throws for the car ride. Is there anything else? (I know, that's a lot for a day trip to philly. but comfort is key here).
now, add in three more family members (who I live with...) that haven't woken up earlier than 9am all summer. Now you see my anxiety. I don't know about your family, but mine LOVES TO SLEEP IN! In fact, I get the most work done in the morning between 6am-9am.
So I am thinking I need everyone up at 7am... (hmmmmm) and out the door by 8:30. Hoping to at least get the breakfast dishes in the dishwasher before we take off. (wish me luck!).

Well, before I get off to ironing and wrapping... I wanted to share 2 of my atcs for a swap I signed up for - Pointy hats and Crowns. I am having a lot of fun with these. The third is finished, but I think I will keep it. It comes from really deep in my heart and can be misinterpreted too many ways. So I will keep it for my personal collection.

My "monkey mood" right now?see you next week!

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