Friday, April 30, 2010


Last year my friend, Rene', gave me a bucketful of paper mache' birdhouses (from her crafty mom's closet), and I'm just now finding little time to play with them. I'm sort of glad I waited for this day to paint them up, because today was the perfect day to collage. THANK YOU RENE' and SANDY! :)

I used some ArtChix papers and lits of acrylic paints (and gesso of course!). These mini houses have found a spot in my studio... an constant reminder for me to appreciate ART, LOVE and NATURE.

Hope you have a great weekend. Getting started on new card designs next week!
See you!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

I'm Back!

I had a fun 2 days... selling at the craft show at FINRA. I met some of the most talented people. A woodworker who makes everything from raw materials... a cheese board that you just wish was big enough to lay on; and a potter whose work has evolved to perfection in the 15 yrs she has spent creating.
Bags, scarfs, photography and of course jewelry. I was in awe of everyone's work.
And when you hear the stories of how each piece is made, it really brings out the hard work and genuine feelings that you just don't get from machine made items.

Hanging out with these folks... You will instantly be turned into a handmade art junkie!

On the other side of the table... Stacie said this just right... "There must be something in the water." Everyone at FINRA seems so happy and nice. Every person who walked by (regardless of purchasing or not) had a smile on their face. FINRA must be a great place to work!

All in all, it was a nice little getaway... a little time to spent in the "work" world. Wearing heels (which I didn't miss!), a bit more make up than usual (which is usually none), driving into town during rush hour traffic (challenging trying to navigate around nascar drivers)... It was nice to be in a different world for just 2 days.

But I'm glad to be BACK!
Tomorrow I will spend the whole day collaging. Bookmarks, journals, atcs... whatever my heart wants. It's a creative day.

Hope your day is great! see you soon.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Off to the Craft Show...

This is probably going to me my one and only craft show for this year... and it's about to begin!

I will have hand rolled paper beads, greeting cards, journals, bookmarks, and more!
So I will see you back here next week!

Date reminders:
Don't forget Mom's day on MAY 9 and all those Grads in the next month or two!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

a week and a half just FLEW by!

Gosh! I realized today that I haven't posted since the 11th.
Like last year... I found myself submerged in all the beautiful garden plants and fresh mulch my car could carry!
I did spend several (rainy =) ) days making cards and prepping more for the FINRA show next week.
Here's a ducky get well card I made today (among some other designs).
I juts love the "Minnie Mouse"-esque red polka with white polka dots.
Everything is raised on dimensionals... by far my FAVORITE Stampin' Up accessory.
The inside says, " Hope you're soon feeling... Just ducky!"

Well. Hope you are all enjoying this new spring! See you soon!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sunday fun...

I know I should be working... but when Sunday comes around... I can't help but play!

I am exciting about this next swap I am signing up for. I spent most of today working on my submission.
It is the ATC sized Journal: A Day in My Life on ATCs for All. I really enjoy swapping on this site. There are so many different types of artists here and I have loved my swaps in the past.
Here's a few pages from my journal.

Happy Birthday Stacie!

Hope your day is filled with renewed happiness and absolute love.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Is this Spring FEVER?

Hope everyone had a great Easter weekend! We spent all of Thursday, Fri and Saturday exploring in Solomon's Island and Calvert cliffs. I think I mentioned this last year too... but Calvert cliffs is the oldest and biggest fossil hunting grounds on the East Coast... and we are lucky enough that it is located right here in MD!
So we spent tons of time searching... with no bounty to report... boohoo.
We did however get a few teeth in the Easter egg hunt at the Calvert County Marine Museum! Lucky that we stopped in there.
(I'd love to hear your success stories hunting for fossils...).

Anyway, we returned home late on Saturday and spent Easter resting together. This morning my youngest daughter and I woke up with fevers... and runny stuffy heads. Oh well... all good things must come at a price. I hope this little setback doesn't last long. We don't want to miss these gorgeous days sitting at home with headaches.

On the crafting front... I have been making more paper beads. The ones I just made are a gorgeous shade of turquoise blue. I think it should be called Sea & Sky. I just love this color!

Anyway, I'm hoping to get loads of work done. I am getting so exited for the FINRA show at the end of the month... but that also means buckling in and going full speed ahead! YEA!

Hope you enjoy your week...
See you soon!