Thursday, August 6, 2009

Last day of Craft Camp!

We finished out our craft camp with a bang! Actually, more like a soap foam fight@! So much fun!
These past three days have been filled with so many smiles and great crafts... I am so proud of the kids for really caring about the things they made and for coming up with fantastic ways to be more earth friendly!
We used up most, if not all, of our recyclable supplies. Wow 20 jars, 30 plastic bowls, all the oj cartons, water bottles... and more!
Thank you to Stacie and Rene' again for collecting the recyclables all summer and for the use of the kiddie pool, craft wire, chairs and other supplies.

I snapped pic of the girls today after we tried out our homemade boats. The girls are so cute!

my "monkey mood" for the day?

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