Saturday, July 30, 2011


It's official... this morning at precisely 7am Hanna let out 'HIS' first crow followed closely with a second attempt.  At 2 months and a week, he is practicing his vocal skills.  Good thing he's going to the farm on Monday... I don't know if we can handle a wake up call for the rest of the summer ...

So there it is... Our Hanna is officially HAN!

On a different note... I will be finishing up finals on Monday and then back to PLAYING! I have gazed longingly into my lonely studio. But for the month of August it will return to it's usual state of chaos.  I can't wait!
I have some new techniques I want to try out... it's very exciting...~!

So thank you for all your patience this summer... and stay tuned to some interesting projects.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Birthday Celebration and a Gift for me!

It's that time....~ Tomorrow is a dear friend's birthday and today we are meeting for lunch to celebrate!
I can't wait to see our little clan... it has been a long summer without my friends and this is the perfect opportunity to catch up~ !
I made this litle box for my friend and filled it with various ephemera along with a very special book - Four-Word Self-Help by Patti Digh. 

Stacie first introduced me to this book and I love it and have gifted it many times. Despite it's title, it is not a self' help book... traditionally.

It is filled with meaningful four-word phrases that you can use in a variety of ways. My favorite... using them in art. In fact they are all parts or in whole someone's art.  If you get a chance, check it out. Very inspiring!

And I will say, I had missed crafting these past few weeks. School and summer with kids have completely taken over my life and I hadn't set aside time to craft for myself.  I really enjoyed making this project for my friend.  Thank you Rene' for giving me a reason to spend some time creating... it's really a gift to me!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Introducing... our Hanna

In June we went to our family egg farm and brought home a set of fertilized chicken eggs (or we thought they were all fertilized...)

We set all of them in an incubator and for 21 days we waited for our babies to arrive. Exactly on the 21st day we got just one cutee... our HANNA. "Hanna" means "one" in Korean. we have no idea if she's a girl or boy, but you can guess we are hoping for girl.

We are getting ready to take her back to the farm to reunite with her family... She no longer needs a heat lamp at night and spends a majority of her days grazing in the back yard.

Maybe we will try it again... it's so amazing!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Summer fishing!

We've been doing some fishing this summer... just so happens that there have been some mild days with clouds that made for pretty comfortable conditions...( you know what it's like sitting in humid 100 degree weather in the sun. no fun).
Abby caught a load (I mean around 15) bass, sunnies and spots at our own Lake Linganore!

Em had the first catch of the night!
Last weekend we did some night fishing in at Choptank. It was perfect pretty clear weather with a slight breeze (perfect for keeping mosquitos away). You can catch several different fish here, but we have our poles set with bottom rigs and we mostly catch channel catfish. (Maybe also cause it's at night? - I'm no fishing expert...)
 They put up a fun fight for the kids and it is rewarding since they bite pretty often!
Anyway, they were getting hits one after another and by 2am we had caught 7 (+1 small) cats...
Bry caught the largest of them,,, about 25" according to the ruler on our cooler :)
We let them all go since we don't eat them and trekked home! (getting home at a greuling 4:30am... but it was tons of fun and everyone's dying to go back soon!

One of Bry's cats!