Monday, September 26, 2011

Our Dodge 'Journey'

Several weeks ago Dodge started a promotional campaign for their 2012 Journey.  They put out internet clues and planted 3 red Journeys in the US. The east coast journey took place this past weekend and we (all 5 of us) took the trip!

We took a 10 hour trek towards Albany and into Vermont on Friday, stopping along the way for food and bathrooms... We stayed in Lake George, NY for the night and started out fresh in the morning. Checked into another hotel on Sat night in Middlebury VT (nice town...).

I have to say I am disappointed in Dodge for changing the contest halfway thru. They didn't stay true to the contest format that most people were counting on.  We never had a chance. In fact no one had a chance until at least noon on Sunday... and it ended up in Maine @ Mosquito Harbor (anyone who knows my hubby knows we are NOT going any where near a place with that name :) )

But at the very least we were able to spend 60+ hours of quality family time together... really 60 hours!

I have to hand it to the kids... they are troopers! They got up this morning and were both in school on time! One in time to film the morning announcements and the other ready for picture day! 

anyway... it was a weekend to remember. Not sure if driving to VT in one day is a smart idea... but it's something we will be talking about for a long time!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Kindle Covers are Ready!

The quilted Kindle Covers are finally ready for the store! 
They are now available at the MUSE

Also I am dropping of some Halloween, Thanksgiving and other assorted cards... Like I said.... I can't seem to stay away~ LOL!

Had a great weekend... spend a day in the trees, climbing and zipping at Sandy Spring Adventure Park for Emily's 12th birthday and took a class on Zentangles taught by Stacie! And to top it off... The Philadelphia Eagles win their first game of the season... YEA!

Hope your days are going well too~ I'm off to school.......!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

*new* Kindle Covers at the Muse ...Soon!

So I tried to stay away... but you know me... I love to make gifts! So I spoke to Whitney at the Muse and she is allowing me to bring in some Kindle E-Reader Covers! There are quilted and fully lined.  I have a few different colors and styles in mind.

 I will post a few pics when they are finished...

I think they should be ready for the store by Sept 12!
Thanks to Whitney for always allowing me this gateway for my work! ...

..... and yes! I am still taking classes. I just started my A&P 1 class and it is already daunting. But I'm up for the challenge! Speaking of which... I better hit the books! See you soon!