Tuesday, August 18, 2009

signing up for HOUSES atcs swap for Sept

We are currently signing up for the September 2009 atc swap . Theme: DOORS/HOUSES.

You make 3, one of a kind artist trading cards (2.5"x3.5" baseball card size) and send them in to me. then I will swap them back to you! You will not get any of you own in return, so if you love one or all of your cards, make an extra for yourself!

DEADLINE to sign up is AUG 31, 2009
Swap out on Sept 25th.

3 for 3 swap.

here's a sample of a card I made.
you can make it any way you wish. Collage, stamps, free hand... just please remember to do your best work... something you are proud of. Also, avoid too much bulk. They tend not to do well during transit.
If you are mailing them to me, you will need to include a self addressed, stamped envie with the same amt of postage it took to send yours to me. include 1 loose stamp which will be returned to you if not used.
sign the back of your card and make sure you put your name on any ziplock baggies or packaging.

If you want to sign up, you can comment here and I will email you info on how to swap and where to send them.
Unlimited players. Swapping effort for effort the best i can.

I really hope you will join us in this fun swap. It really does force you to take time to relax and enjoy yourself in this busy go-go-go world!

See you soon!

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