Sunday, August 9, 2009

Home again!

The shower was wonderful. Grace looked beautiful (as usual) and her home is so nice.
There were lots of friends and family to congratulate and shower her with gifts... little Alexander will be all set.
I am hoping Chris will forward some pics so i can post here!

So today I spent the day cleaning the house, doing PILES of laundry and having fun with more ATCS.
I am really enjoying my time.

I joined a CROWS: A HALLOWEEN SWAP and got those finished today.
Also, got 2 out of 3 animals/pets cards done as well as the 3rd pointy hat/crown atc. I hope to finish the pets up before my beach trip with the girls on wed. I'm so sad the hubby can't join...

Now I've got to finish the laundry (folding... argh!) and then I am free!!! I hope to be able to stay awake long enough tonight to watch a dvd with Bryan. Wish me luck!

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