Monday, April 9, 2012

Hello OUT There! I'm BACK!!!

Ok... So I have been gone for almost 6 months. I know... too long. I've been busy recreating my life.

So here it is!
We have decided to move out of Maryland to Plymouth, MA!  My hubby received a wonderful offer with a company in the Boston area and he is already moved up there... us girls are a little lagging behind. We are finishing up our semesters and then headed up to join him.

I have also a renewed commitment to my art. I found it very difficult to juggle school, family and art... but I realized that art is something you have to make time for. Since I stopped "working" in the art arena I found that other parts of my life filled up the space that used to be reserved for creating.  Now that I am a "recreational artist" I find that I have to set aside time for that enjoyment.  So my creative eye is peeking out again and I am making BIG plans to start my move with a BANG!

I am going to start a class by Christy Tomlinson called The SHE Art Workshop.  I have been drawn to Christy's art and can't wait to take the e-course. I have already purchased some of the supplies I need and had them shipped to Mass. So I will be all set up and ready to roll! It feels nice to have a new gift waiting for  me...

So please bear with me as I make this move. I promise I will share tons of new and exciting things on this journey. I am still going to attend school... I am so close to starting a career in Rad tech! So that's exciting as well.
In the meanwhile, let me know if you see any or are trying any interesting new art projects out there... I am BACK and ready for CREATIVITY!