Sunday, February 28, 2010

First of the gift HANG tags are available!

I am excited to say that the first sets of hang tags are now available at the MUSE in downtown Frederick!
Made using 100% recycled card base, hand trimmed to 5.75" x 3" in size and an appropriate string will be included for each tag.
The backs are blank, left for you to write your sentiments.

each set of 4 is $4.50.

Many more to come soon!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Happy Birthday TAGS

Weekends are usually allotted for fun... however as you know, many times your workweek seeps into your weekend!
So here's something I am working on. Hang Tags (gift tag sets) made from 100% recycled folders. Cut and embellished and sold as a set!
One of my major hurdles this year is to make items that are sale-worthy, don't take too long to make and have a correct price point (keeping in mind the time it takes to make the item, materials cost and customer value). This is a surprisingly difficult thing when it comes to papercrafts.
Here's something that everyone can use... a little extra tag on a gift that can be used in place of a whole greeting card and is especially aesthetic - a finishing touch to the look of the whole package!
I started with the "all-difficult" MAN(ly) category!
Loved making this tag. I layered a script background and added a sun ray background. (Which then I added some pearlesence (perfect pearls) and then added the cityscape layer. Distressed modestly on the edges and added a sentiment!
This tag measures 6"x3". I will add some sort of appropriate string (for this one hemp or linen) for hanging! Use it also as a BOOKMARK!
I think I will have the sets for approx 4.50 for set of 4 tags. With FREE shipping of course!
I will also offer custom orders as some customers may want a set for their book club, or family reunion! The possibilities are endless!

Stay tuned in the coming weeks for more info!

Monday, February 22, 2010

New news!

So after having so much fun making these wonderful little beads, I decided to make them for sale on etsy! This will be a perfect way for me to use up all my smaller pieces of wonderful paper that I would otherwise throw away...
The new etsy store, greenNOTIONS, will feature handmade paper beads and hand felted beads. The beginnings of new projects for you!
I am very excited and have a few products ready to go!
All items will SHIP FOR FREE in the USA.
Come and check it out when you get a second!

Saturday, February 20, 2010


Today my daughter is having her best friend over to make paper beads! And since we had never made any before... we thought we'd give it a first run. OH WHAT FUN!!!
So easy... using any and all recyclable catalogs and magazines full of COLOR, and you get... instant product!
Emily is so excited for her friend to arrive... you can just feel the anticipation! (don't tell anyone... but I am sooooo excited myself! shhhhh....)
There are lots of sites with instructions... here's a good place to start!

Here's an update: My finished mini tin of beads!
Love it!!!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Finding my Rhythm...

Well. After 14-ish days snowed in with the girls... they returned to school yesterday. And after taking care of missed business yesterday, I finally feel like I am getting back on schedule today.

Yesterday, Stacie loaned me her book - THE HAPPINESS PROJECT by Gretchen Rubin and after reading 1 and 1/2 chapters I was compelled to start clearing out some clutter in my life. I will admit, since the start of 2010, i have been feeling a little (ok, very) disorganized and have been wanting to clear out my life. I did do my closet a few weeks ago and my studio has been cleaned numerous times (ending up in a mess every time I work in here)...

But reading the book reminded me to start clearing out clutter in my mind. The things that constantly nag me... like ordering my kid's contacts, or making a car brake appt. Things that can wait, but are constantly poking at my brain.

So as soon as the girls took off for school (2hrs late - snow delay...) I started on my clutter clearing. I made my to-do list and started checking things off one at a time. Did a heap of bills all at once... mailed back all my online purchase returns (which I almost never do because of the hassle... & end up losing $$ to balance), wrapped bday gifts, send out long-over-due email replies, cleared out some old food in fridge (while waiting for my lunch to heat up in the microwave), sent away the stack of cards my friends and I made for donation to US Troops...

and more!

so then I decided to treat myself a little. Last week I strived to do a challenge for MY ARTISTIC LIFE ( and was sorely behind.

I did finally end up making my Twinchies, but never entered them for the challenge contest. So today, I got to this week's challenge - which was to take your make twinchies (mini works of art 2"x2") into a display of some sort.
I decided to make bookmarks... I'm really new at this mini art form... but I am having tons of FUN!

Now back to my to-do list. I have a little time before the family gets home... so i think I may tackle my craft closet now!
Tomorrow am... going to wake up before the family and write out my monthly resolutions. YEA!

Sunday, February 14, 2010


This entry is more personal than anything but I just wanted to say THANK YOU...

Exactly one week ago we had to put our beloved Akita, LEXY, down.

She lived with us for 14 years and each moment has been precious. From the moment we picked her up and brought her to our home, we knew we loved her. She was a fuzzy little bear already full of personality.
Throughout the years we had kids and moved around a few times. She was always faithful, loving and loyal... She was fiercely protective and motherly towards our girls.
We remember all her little quirks... Little things like having to run through our apt entrance after a walk so she wouldn't be tempted to flop down and enjoy the cold marble floor... (once she was down, she was down til she was ready to get back up! - and at 100lbs... she was definitely the one to decide.)
Other things like not knowing her size and wanting to sit on your lap... like scared to go down a small flight of stairs... even though she was up to our waist in height. Can you imagine my poor husband carrying her up and down?
Befriending a kitty cat and always giving her a warm place to snuggle and sleep.
Having to walk her in the middle of the night so she wouldn't scare the neighborhood dogs; by the way, she could hold her business for 20 hours at a time... so we didn't worry much about indoor accidents. (much...)
When we brought each of our girls home for the first time, she would come and sniff and then leave us alone for a week or more. Picking up and leaving a room when we would come in and only returning when called for.
One time I had ordered a pizza for dinner and while waiting for my husband to come home from work... she stole the whole thing right out of the box! Picture our surprise when we opened the box ready to eat and discovered the dinner was missing! She had left the box perfectly in place, closed with no trace she had tampered it.
Waking up every night to her sounds of chasing something in her dreams... her legs running in air and her panting!
There is so much more... more than I can even remember at one time. Memories come flooding back again and again in the quiet moments of the day. and Now our nights are eerily silent.

The overwhelming thought that keeps coming back is her loyalty and her respect for our family. She was the perfect dog for us! She put up with us and called us her family.
We miss her every second.

My friends have been so comforting during this time. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for all your love and kind thoughts. This really has been one of the hardest weeks of my life. Thank you also for letting me tell you of all the things I remember and for not "turning me off" when I repeat myself.

And THANK YOU LEXY for being our dog for the last 14 years. We love you. Happy Valentine's Day!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Cute fishies!

Saturday already...

Here's a new card I made. it is clear on the front with only the fishbowl. The bowl and fish detail are all on the backside of the clear cover.

Need to get out! Too much snow this past week... but I'll bet the whole world is at the mall and movies today.

We'll give it a try...

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Daggers and MAGIC!

Well... we are having yet another snow storm. Blizzard... #2 this week!
I have to say... even though it is very beautiful there is a sense of danger too... check out these daggers hanging from my house. i couldn't get a better angle because I can't strp out onto the 4+ft of snow right under my doorstep.

On the flip side... these kind of days make for great crafting!
I have a showcase on etsy tomorrow so I wanted to get my last minute items for that ready. Here's a new card... a little magical birthday wish! Perfect for any girl... or woman! Features a cute fairy, hand stitches linen thread detail and layers on layers of wonderful card stock and papers!
This card and more on etsy soon!

Hope you are having a great day... weather you are in a sunny and warm place or you are in my neighborhood under foot after foot of snow... !

Saturday, February 6, 2010

30 inches so far and counting!

It started snowing yesterday around noon and hasn't stopped. So far we are at the biggest snowfall since I moved to Maryland! (i think in the 20's there may have been a big one and once in the 70's?). This morning I woke up to bright white light and a cheery mood! I had found some time to be by myself quietly crafting this LOUD card...
recently there was a request for a 12yr old boy's birthday card... and you know... I didn't have one. Men and kids cards have always been my difficult area. So I perused some of my magazines (stamp it!) and found one similar to this. I especially love the cardboard detail. Real cardboard ripped and separated layers in a few places really bring in a ton of texture!
anyway, I thought I'd incorporate more of these genre's to the mix!
Well, while the kids are outside enjoying the blizzard, I can spend a few moments longer crafting. Later... knitting socks.
If you are anywhere in the mid-atlantic... HOPE YOU ARE ENJOYING this historic weather!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Fun with friends!

Today started out with a 2hr delay for school... snow last nite. After I got everyone off to school my friends popped in for a visit! We had a nice time crafting and chatting.
We made some cards for charity and had a cheese and wine snack. It's so much fun spending the time together... even if it's not for very long.
Here's a card I made...
We are expecting a ton more snow this weekend. I am excited since the girls have been dying to get to skiing/snowboarding. It's always a fun day!
Hope you are having a great week.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Happy Monday!

Just checked the weather forecast... looks like we may get more snow on tues nite, and again on Friday or Sat and then maybe again next week! This has been an unusual winter. We really never this much snow. Either way, I like the snow. I just don't like how it saps my days away and I get backed up in chores and work...
Today I did get right down to crafting. I made a few cards that are now up on etsy.
Here's a peek!

A quick update on a local craft show coming up.
Last year I did a show at FINRA in Rockville, MD. This year I am pretty sure I'll be there again. More details about the show to come... but for now the dates are :
Wednesday April 28 and Thursday April