Monday, January 26, 2009

DOUBLE HARVEST - Year Long Service Project

I am SO Excited to finally be up and running! (ok this one is long...)

When the New Year came around I was thinking about my resolutions for the year. Of course my list has the usual - exercise more, save money, spend tons of time with my girls, be a better wife...
And the big one...
Change someone's life.

I did a lot of research...
Many of you know me and my family. My father and mother are missionaries and are very deeply rooted in agriculture/farming. For several years my parents lived in Northern China and helping defected North Koreans and poor Chinese Koreans in the region. By teaching them how to farm the land and make food... they were sharing the love of God. They changed these lives first hand.
I admire them so much. I respect their love for God and people.

So what can I do? I have discovered a wonderful organization. Much like my parents' service. Located in Haiti... There is a group called DOUBLE HARVEST ( They have a similar vision... Double Harvest is a Christian ministry that desires to magnify Christ by ministering to the spiritual and physical needs of people in developing countries.
A service they provide:

By some estimates, over half of the Haitian population lives on less than $2.00 a day. In the villages surrounding Operation Double Harvest live some of the poorest of the poor. Many of them are destitute widows or single mothers attempting to raise children in homes we would consider shacks. The weathered tin or straw roof leaks, the dirt floors are unsanitary, the wood walls are termite infested, leaning or crumbling, and rodents are ever present.

The Benevolent Housing Project seeks to build and provide new homes for the very poor, particularly those widows and single mothers who have little to no income nor help from family members. For them, the hope of better living conditions in their lifetime isn’t even a dream.

  • Recipients of a new home are carefully chosen together with local leaders.
  • The buildings, approximately 25’ x 25’, are built with locally obtainable materials, primarily block and rebar, with a sturdy door and barred windows for protection and inside partitions for privacy. The structure of a home has changed from the original attempt with the EcoShell concept, and later to a related hip-roofed concept, to a more traditional and culturally acceptable design.
  • The result is a clean, dry, cool, painted, rodent and termite proof, low maintenance, and safe home for their family, one that will also withstand the hurricanes of the Caribbean.
  • Haitian crews are trained and paid to construct the homes.
  • The cost of building a home - $3000!
  • You could make a tangible difference in the life of some needy family. You could change the future of someone who is indeed desperately poor.
So here's what I want to do. I have set up a ETSY store - In addition to many of my own handmade items, I am asking friends and fellow artists to donate items for sale on this site. 100% of all profit from these sales will be donated... hopefully making our goal of $3000.

artists bios and sale sites/profiles (if you have one) will be featured on the listing.

I know I can't do this alone. If you feel that you can help out in this year long service project (either by making a handmade art donation or purchasing some of these wonderful pieces), I would be forever grateful. Please contact me anytime at or comment below and i WILL get back to you!

Let's get started... You can go directly to the etsy site... or check out the right menu area dedicated to this site.
I'm excited to feature my first donations. From my very good friend and business partner, STACIE SPENCER. She has donated 2 beautiful handmade necklaces. So when you get a chance - check it out!


patti moffett said...

am very interested in the connection with China and North Korea. My son recently read a National Geographic article and would like to know more about helping the North Koreans. My husband and I are also missionaries to the world. Please check out
Our son has a heart for people and has accompanied us on many of our trips...would love to talk with you if you get the chance
any information would be a help
patti moffett

Allison said...

Hi Patti!
I didn't realize there you had commented here. As for info on the China project: the website is It is a Korean run group that has been active since the 80's.
thanks for checking it out! and God Bless you and your family as well~