Monday, January 5, 2009

Spring Creatures!

With the holidays behind us... i can't stop thinking of newer springtime designs!
I just love the little hedgehog on this card. Reminds me of Lexy's favorite toy (that's my 13 year old Akita - turned the big 13 on Xmas Eve! - that's 91 in doggie years.) She rips them up til there's nothing left but a pile of fluff and a squeaker. =)!
I can't wait for some snow to fall... so far it feels like we are already heading towards spring and we really want to take a small ski day! Fingers crossed for snow tonight!

This week... what am I doing? Cranking out for sale cards for the MUSE (Frederick, MD) and Art Partners, Inc (Clarksville, MD). And I think I am almost ready to felt my first knitted purse. I have no clue how it will turn out... I'm excited to find out! I'll let you know.
Do you felt? Please share your experience with me... I'm really new to it!

Have a great Monday! I'll see you back here soon!

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