Saturday, February 6, 2010

30 inches so far and counting!

It started snowing yesterday around noon and hasn't stopped. So far we are at the biggest snowfall since I moved to Maryland! (i think in the 20's there may have been a big one and once in the 70's?). This morning I woke up to bright white light and a cheery mood! I had found some time to be by myself quietly crafting this LOUD card...
recently there was a request for a 12yr old boy's birthday card... and you know... I didn't have one. Men and kids cards have always been my difficult area. So I perused some of my magazines (stamp it!) and found one similar to this. I especially love the cardboard detail. Real cardboard ripped and separated layers in a few places really bring in a ton of texture!
anyway, I thought I'd incorporate more of these genre's to the mix!
Well, while the kids are outside enjoying the blizzard, I can spend a few moments longer crafting. Later... knitting socks.
If you are anywhere in the mid-atlantic... HOPE YOU ARE ENJOYING this historic weather!


Renze said...

Love this card! What kind of paper did you use for the that cardboard, grunge paper or something else?

Allison said...

Hi Renee...
Thanks so much! It is actually real cardboard. I just peeled pieces to expose the corrugated parts.
Hope you are staying warm. more snow on the way Tues-Wed!