Monday, September 13, 2010

Going to the Muse on Wed!

I can't believe it, but I think I will be able to get to the Muse on Wednesday! It's been a busy couple weeks and I'm still feeling a little out of the swing of things. My friends and I were just talking about how things are not fitting just right yet.

I do have the calendars ready for delivery and something new! Wine Glass Tags. I will be offering the tags in sets of 4 and 10!
Also in the batch are Halloween sets!

They fit right around the base of a wine glass and are made from very sturdy card stock... although they are meant to be disposable!
I will also begin to offer them at my etsy store soon!

The photos with the wine glasses are meant to show how they are used.

That was a prototype and after several design changes, I decided to go with pretty papers with lots of color!

So That's where I'm at for the time being... somewhere between blissfully creating and watching the clock hands spin out of control...

Where are you these days?


stacie said...

Saw them in person, I really like how they turned out!

Allison said...

A perfect way to not waste your leftover pieces of beautiful papers!