Friday, September 3, 2010

2011 Calendars are in the works!

Probably one of the most rewarding projects I do annually is the paper bag calendar. I love the whole process of making them. From folding and sewing, painting, embellishing and assembling... each step requires attention and creativity.
When the "spirit moves me", I sit down and make a few pages. When I am having a creative block, I have to set them aside. Forcing the pages always shows in the end result!
Yesterday I had one of those perfect days; when colors and inspiration all came together. So I got right to work!
I can tell... I'm going to fall in love with 2011~!
here's a couple photos of what I did so far.

The style of these calendars have evolved in the past 4 years and this year the theme, "Imagine", has emerged!

As the time gets closer, I will keep you informed on when they will start being available in stores and online!

On the agenda for next week... more birdhouses!
Thanks for checking me out today! See you soon!


Renze said...

I'm curious as to what they are (the paper bag calendars) ...I'll keep checking back!

stacie said...

I want one!