Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Birthday FUNDAY!

I have a group of best friends that I love to hang out with any time I get a chance! These are the same friends that I have crafty work days with, exercise with and bounce all my ideas off of!
Every time one of our birthday's come around we have a tradition of having a meal and going shopping for the day!
Tomorrow is my birthday and I share it with my dear friend Kathy! (BTW: Kathy and I also share the same wedding anniversary date - She's just a few years before me ;) WHAT A COINCIDENCE!)
So we had our special day today! We ate lunch at a yummy downtown Frederick Tapas Restaurant - Isabella's, and went shopping for shoes, candles and clothes!

These are the awesome gifts my friends gave me. A hand dyed~ handmade slouch bag, a beautifully organic candle display and an awesome Cathy Nichols piece - (Red Balloons) ALOFT! Each of my friends knows exactly what I LOVE!

I had such a wonderful day. It was so fun and I am so fortunate to share this special day with my friends!
Thank you Rene', Stacie and Kathy for celebrating together!

Next time is Stacie's turn... in APRIL... hmmm... we will have to have another reason for food and shopping before then :)

One little bit of business news - I will be dropping off about 4 more houses at the Muse tomorrow. So check them out when if you get a chance!

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Renze said...

Happy Be-lated Birthday Allison! Thanks for your post. We will only be in Philly to see my nephew's game and then returning that night. I used to live in and near Philly so was at all the places you mentioned.