Monday, March 22, 2010

Artists papers

I was looking through some issues of Somerset Studios Magazine and saw something really interesting.
The concept is similar to paper fabric... where you make a background using collage techniques for the base of your work. What I did was take Manga art pad paper (which is really sturdy) and collaged on a layer of french book pages. then gessoed over it (watered down a bit so the pages could show thru) and then painted with acrylic paints. Again letting some of the pages show thru.
Then I stamped on them, basically making my own designer paper!
I cut the sheet up into bookmark size pieces and then continues to collage or stamp/doodle on them. Each is one of a kind unique...
I really enjoyed making this set. I will try a different color base for my next set. Perhaps a blue... or ivory!
Getting started right away!
See you soon!

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