Thursday, January 21, 2010

switchplates and outlet covers available NOW on EtSy

I finally listed a bunch of outlet covers and switchplates I made for sale... sometimes you just have to put a chunk of time aside to just do listings...

Can't believe this... but weather is calling for more sleet tonight. with the kids home for the last 6 days... I had been looking forward to today and tomorrow to catch up with my work... but it looks like I may be continuing to catch up with them some more! (fingers are doubly crossed...)

OH... ONE MORE THING... If you love jewelry and handmade art... please check out my friend Stacie's Jewelry Showcase on etsy tomorrow (FRI 22nd) for some great finds! She is really talented and I can tell you first hand that she puts a lot of time and care into each piece she makes!

Have a great day!

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