Friday, January 15, 2010

Service Project Update

Well. You haven't seen much info on our Building Dreams service project that I started last year. Partly because selling thru the internet hasn't been very productive and we weren't able to collect enough items to sell to make the whole $3000 donation.
In the end we were only able to raise about 10% of the total goal amount for the Benevolent Housing Project in Haiti.
So in light of the recent disaster in Haiti, I have sent the $300 to the organization as every little bit will help with the relief efforts underway.
For more information on this organization, please check out:

THANK YOU again to all who donated your art for the building of homes in Haiti and to all who purchased items in support of this effort.

I will be thinking on ways to regroup the efforts and will definitely keep you all posted on future service/charity ideas.

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