Thursday, May 14, 2009

Took a Collage class

Last night, Stacie and I took a collage class taught by Courtney Prahl. It was so much fun! There was a great turn out and we learned some of her secrets to great collage-ing! I especially liked using the oil pastels. They are creamy and blend well. Also they are very vibrant in color... which is something I generally don't use a lot of (color!).
I made two atc size cards. one I traded (ironically Stacie got mine!) and one I kept for home.
Here's the one I brought home:Courtney's classes are a lot of fun. This is my second class taught by her. The first was shrink plastic... shrinky dinks for adults! Check out other classes hosted by the MUSE on Whitney's website:!

I have a long day ahead of me... got TONS of laundry and errands. Then off to lunch and to my drawing class. Now that's a hard class... I'm not sure if realism is my forte. It doesn't come naturally and I struggle a lot with perspective, measurements and generally everything else! I want to take a anime class. I think I would be better at that.
Who knows!

Anyway, Thank you to Courtney, Whitney and Margaret for another very FUN class!!!

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