Sunday, April 26, 2009

Graduations... already?!?!

I can't believe how fast time is flying! Everyday the hours disappear and before I know it I'm fixing dinners and putting kids to bed... and then I look at the calendar and see that months have actually vanished!
I was shocked when I was asked about Graduation cards... OMG! (really , that's the only term that works here!). So in addition to my last minute mom's day cards I started on Graduation!
Here's one I made this am. Usually i stick with really formal looking, clean line designs. Lots of blacks, and neutrals.
This card is a little bit out of my box. But I really like the layers and the color combo.
A little change in subject:
Thank you to Stacie for the generous donation to Building Dreams from her Spring Show. I was there and it was so relaxing and fun. And a special THANKS to her for partnering up with me on this charity venture. She really keeps me motivated when I get discouraged and feel like I am over committed... together I feel like we are a stronger force and I am so thankful to have a friend who wholeheartedly supports my ideas!
Also... I received, in person, Courtney P's Collage piece. WOW! I thought her photo was amazing, but in person, it is no match! I am in love with the textures, colors and detail. I will be displaying this piece at the FINRA show next week... but I am tempted to buy it myself!!!!

well. It's a scorching 95 degrees outside today and the girls have me committed to a fishing outing at the lake. So after lunch we may brave it... we'll have to find a shady spot!
I'll be crazy making cards until Tuesday! How's your week looking?!?

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