Thursday, April 14, 2011

Paper Fabric FUN!

Last night I taught a paper fabric bookmark class through the MUSE here in Frederick! It was such fun. All the projects turned out so cool and the people were even cooler!
With about 10 crafters... mixed in with a little cheese and wine... we had a party~!
Here are some photos I stole from Whitney's (The MUSE) blog...

Thank you to all who came to create with me... I am very happy to have met you and hope to work with you again soon! and thanks to Whitney, Margaret and the MUSE for having me!


Renee @ where the grass is greener said...

I was so fun Allison!! Thanks so much for sharing all your tips. BTW, I bought the jeans them; they are so comfy!

stacie said...

Awesome class! Bookmark looks even cooler today after it dried! Thanks again.

Allison said...

Thanks gals! I think I might play with it some more tomorrow nite... a glass of wine, music and paint/glue! Renee - glad you got the jeans! I love them too... you can wear them anywhere!
And Stacie - I'm looking forward to taking your class. I love your zentangling!

Have a great weekend!~