Wednesday, November 3, 2010

LOOOOOONG Weekend Farming!

Where have I been? I know! It's been a long while since I've been on here.
I have been scrambling around both at home and on the farm!

Last week was the hectic Halloween prep... both in the neighborhood and at school and then we wisked away to the farm to help out... (and get away for a couple days... heehee).
It was a whirlwind several days. My head is still spinning.

We collected about a zillion eggs every morning and harvested a load of sweet potatoes, radishes and cabbages for the winter. It was so much fun being out there - actually being able to see the results of my dad's hard work!
The kids really enjoyed the "fun" and we can't wait to sink our teeth into the delicious foods!

In the evenings I actually found some time to finish knitting my socks! I used a pattern from the SOCKS A LA CARTE book. I borrowed this book from Stacie and discovered I love it so much, I bought one form Amazon last week! You can mix and match from many styles of cuffs, bodies and toes. And the BEST PART.... You knit with 2 circular needles eliminating the crazy double point needled!!! So easy to travel with and really easy to follow directions!

By the way, the yarn is from Deborah Norville collection SERENITY GARDEN YARN. Our Frederick, MD Joann's has a few left... but since it is not a winter yarn, I don't see them restocking this...

Anyway... back to work now for me. I am almost finished a new batch of calendars. Hopefully I'll have them at the stores my Friday... but might be monday. (another long story... )

Have a great week!

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