Monday, April 5, 2010

Is this Spring FEVER?

Hope everyone had a great Easter weekend! We spent all of Thursday, Fri and Saturday exploring in Solomon's Island and Calvert cliffs. I think I mentioned this last year too... but Calvert cliffs is the oldest and biggest fossil hunting grounds on the East Coast... and we are lucky enough that it is located right here in MD!
So we spent tons of time searching... with no bounty to report... boohoo.
We did however get a few teeth in the Easter egg hunt at the Calvert County Marine Museum! Lucky that we stopped in there.
(I'd love to hear your success stories hunting for fossils...).

Anyway, we returned home late on Saturday and spent Easter resting together. This morning my youngest daughter and I woke up with fevers... and runny stuffy heads. Oh well... all good things must come at a price. I hope this little setback doesn't last long. We don't want to miss these gorgeous days sitting at home with headaches.

On the crafting front... I have been making more paper beads. The ones I just made are a gorgeous shade of turquoise blue. I think it should be called Sea & Sky. I just love this color!

Anyway, I'm hoping to get loads of work done. I am getting so exited for the FINRA show at the end of the month... but that also means buckling in and going full speed ahead! YEA!

Hope you enjoy your week...
See you soon!


Renze said...

I love Calvert Cliffs! We have found dozens of fossils - shark's teeth included -- there. I even found a huge tiger shark tooth that washed up and hit my toe (it was bigger than my toe!) and I have found a few pieces of sea glass there, too. My kids and I go down there at least once a year.

Allison said...

Renee... maybe I will have to follow you the next time. This was our second outing and no fossils to report. How exhilarating to find those treasures! Either way it was great fun and a perfect mini getaway.
Hope you had a nice Easter!