Thursday, April 29, 2010

I'm Back!

I had a fun 2 days... selling at the craft show at FINRA. I met some of the most talented people. A woodworker who makes everything from raw materials... a cheese board that you just wish was big enough to lay on; and a potter whose work has evolved to perfection in the 15 yrs she has spent creating.
Bags, scarfs, photography and of course jewelry. I was in awe of everyone's work.
And when you hear the stories of how each piece is made, it really brings out the hard work and genuine feelings that you just don't get from machine made items.

Hanging out with these folks... You will instantly be turned into a handmade art junkie!

On the other side of the table... Stacie said this just right... "There must be something in the water." Everyone at FINRA seems so happy and nice. Every person who walked by (regardless of purchasing or not) had a smile on their face. FINRA must be a great place to work!

All in all, it was a nice little getaway... a little time to spent in the "work" world. Wearing heels (which I didn't miss!), a bit more make up than usual (which is usually none), driving into town during rush hour traffic (challenging trying to navigate around nascar drivers)... It was nice to be in a different world for just 2 days.

But I'm glad to be BACK!
Tomorrow I will spend the whole day collaging. Bookmarks, journals, atcs... whatever my heart wants. It's a creative day.

Hope your day is great! see you soon.

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