Sunday, November 29, 2009

Ahhh... home sweet home!~

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving... We did something a little different this year and we went to the Outer Banks - just the four of us + dog +2 hamsters!
It was a great week. Weather was really mild... allowing many to swim in the ocean on Thanksgiving day! Not us. We stuck to the sand... but enjoyed watching the pelicans dive for food and climbing the dunes!
You can't believe what the recent storm left behind. The dunes were eroded away to shear drop offs... but as you can imagine, that just prompted the kids to scale the enormous walls of sand!
We didn't see any horses, but did find, what we believe to be, a horse toilet bowl. A very nice a smooth bowled out area... perfect for a horse pitstop!

Now we are back and in the thick of the holiday season. I am dying to get started... calendars and cards in full gear. I think I will scale back on the ornaments for sale this year. But I may have a few at the Muse and Art Partners in about a week. Otherwise, I will be making our xmas cards and getting prepped for the festivities!

Hope you have a fun week planned! I plan to post several times this week... so check back soon!

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