Friday, June 17, 2011

2 weeks into it...

I used to think that time was flying by... but I think I may have been a little premature in that statement.

Time is NOW flying at breakneck speed!

Summer courses are no joke. You are listening, absorbing, reviewing, writing, regurgitating information and more all while trying to balance family, sustaining life (ie eating, drinking, exercising), sleeping and maintaining order. I haven't had much time extra time for fun things like art, friends and leisure... but yet. But as my life starts to normalize, I will work time in!
I did not want to add a real photo... you're going to have to trust me... this is better.
In 2 weeks I have thoroughly reviewed every aspect of the periodic table, scientific method, cell composition and respiration, pH, conductivity, fetal pig dissection, thermodynamic energy, classification, molecular diversity and more! I took bio during my first year of college but I am required to take it again as you need to have completed the course within 10 years of the start of clinical study. For me that was 16 years ago... lucky me :) Seriously though, I am so glad to be doing this.... I can honestly say I don't remember 75 to 80% of everything we are going over. And I feel for those students in my class who are struggling more than I am ~ since it has been such a help to me to have seen most of this before~ regardless of how little I recall...

Most of the students in my class have dissected something or another in the past. I, however, have not had the opportunity. When I was in HS we didn't dissect anything... and in college I took the bio elective which was minus the lab.  So when it comes to lab assignments, it's all new to me~ I am enjoying it!

Anyway, the pace is incredible and surprisingly I am surviving. (I started very confident, then started to worry a bit... now I am gaining confidence again but looking towards another difficult hump - according to my professor, this next test next Thursday will prove to be the hardest of the semester sans the final.) 

On a different note, I will say that despite the support that my family has shown, it has been a difficult  transition going back to school. I miss spending all the extra time with the kids, I am not spending as much time with my hubby in the evenings and meals have become more for sustenance and less for conversation. I am hoping that come fall, things will return to normal as my classes will mostly be when the kids are at school. 

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stacie said...

Love this pig poster. made me laugh. you are doing great & you're right it will get easier. do miss u though. looking forward to breakfast on monday :)