Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fall Fest Time!

This past weekend we went out to Shenandoah to a place called LONG BRANCH farm for a wonderful Hot Air Balloon Festival.

Gorgeous Views!!!

This was as close to any hot air balloons as we got that day... beautiful either way!

It was gorgeous weather outside... just crisp enough to be fall and sunny! It was a bit windy... which in the end made it difficult for the balloons to launch. So that was canceled... bummer.
But it was still an awesome day!New Friends!

We played with animals, ate great festival food and drinks (kudos to the 1st Thai vendor - very fresh and hot food!), entertaining shows and wonderful family and friends!
I will definitely be looking at tickets for next year!

Now we are settled back at home, it's back to business! I spent the whole day yesterday making new calendars... these have a different look to them. More "Japanese" in style. I will post pictures when they are finished. I am shooting for Muse delivery by Thursday and the other stores by the end of next week.

Found this giant hole in this tree... Amazing!

Well. I hope you had a nice weekend too! Have a fantastic week and see you soon!


stacie said...

I love the hot air balloon photo!

Allison said...

Thanks Stacie! Wish I could've seen some in action...next year...