Friday, September 11, 2009

A note about Stampin Up.

A couple days ago I emailed all my customers and friends about a change that is about to take place for me... as a Stampin Up demo.

Recently (as many of you may have heard), Stampin Up placed new restrictions on their demos regarding personal blog content. And although I understand why they felt like they needed to do this, I don't think it's the right choice for me. SU is limiting what I can and can not put on this blog and my other personal website. This is not the website I have thru SU... (that one is directly supported by SU). Under this new rule, I can not link or give credit to other people, blog or companies that I use and are inspired by if those sites either sell or promote competing products. This is not right for me as I love to use all products available to me - Stampin Up included.

So as I informed my current customers, I will be leaving SU after 6+ years of being a demo.
I am sad to leave SU, but have been contemplating it for some time now, and this was perhaps the little push I needed to jump! I did sign the new IDA to give my customers til the end of December to place any orders for items on their wish list. After that point I will let my demonstrator status run out.

THANK YOU to all those who have supported me thru the last 6 years. I appreciate all the business you have given me and the friendships we have built throughout!

So my friends and customers know where I stand. I hope you will continue to visit me here... as this is in no way a farewell to creating! In fact I am excited to be starting the fall off with a bang!

Isn't this what growing up and evolving is all about?!?! =)

Next week i will be posting a few pics of the calendars I made for the stores this week!
See you then!
Have a wonderful weekend!

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